The following are examples of some of the videos I have written, edited and produced. More examples can be viewed at the Veris YouTube Channel

Heritage Building

Veris laser scanned a heritage listed building and former home to Veris Midland inside and out, creating a digital representation to develop a 3D BIM model for planning and preservation. I edited this video together using the actual model footage and captioned it, as well as adding stock audio using Adobe Premiere.

UAV for Local Councils

Veris provided UAV Survey as a cost-efficient and non-disruptive method of tracking resources for Local Councils. I put this video together using drone footage and captions using Adobe Premiere.

Veris UAV

The first video I created at Veris was for Whelans, who had some drone footage of a new suburb they wanted to share with customers. This video was later re-edited to use the new Veris Australia brand which Whelans had taken on, along with other companies acquired by the then OTOC Limited organisation.

Karisma Tutorials

The Dictation video is an example of 20+ short video tutorials on Karisma RIS I created for a Flash presentation that was handed out at RANZCR on USBs. The video was created with Camtasia Studio, Sony Vegas and Sonic SoundForge with a software developer in-house providing the voice talent. I was responsible for the writing, Camtasia recording, editing, production and creation of the videos as well as the Flash presentation for the USBs.


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