Karisma v3 OverviewMarketing

Marketing collateral I have produced ranges from one page flyers to gigantic banners. On the Marketing page, you’ll find brochures, magazine advertisements and other materials.


Video Page ThumbVideo

Some examples of videos I have written, edited, captioned and produced can be viewed on the Video page. More examples can be viewed at the Veris YouTube Channel which I created and maintained.



The technical materials for which I have been responsible include Help files, white papers, diagrams, user worksheets and guides. Examples can be downloaded from the Technical page.



The PowerPoint presentation is a staple of boardroom meetings, conferences and customer demonstrations. The Presentations page contains PowerPoint shows I have designed.



Q32014MainBanner Electronic newsletters are an ideal way to stay in touch with existing customers and reach out to new ones. On the Newsletters page, you’ll find links to some of the newsletters I have designed.



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