Veris Capability Statement - Generic_Page_01Veris Capability Statement

The Generic Veris Capability Statement was created to be included in Request For Tender submissions. The copy was a joint effort among subject experts and Management, while I was responsible for design, proofreading and editing.


 Karisma v3 OverviewKarisma v3 Overview

The Karisma v3 Overview brochure was created to introduce the latest version of the flagship software to radiologists attending the 2012 RANZCR conference. I was responsible for both the copy and design with input from various colleagues.


 An A5 Brochure for RANZCR 2010Karisma for Radiologists

The Karisma for Radiologists A5 sized brochure was also created for a RANZCR conference. The brochure outlines ways in which Karisma saves time for other things, such as leisure activities. The design and copy were both put together by myself.


Karisma WebKarisma Web

The simple Karisma Web brochure was used at demonstrations to outline the benefits of the web-based version of Karisma. The front cover shows a sailing scene because Karisma Web can be used from anywhere and the key demographic (Radiologists) are often keen sailors.



EISSI Advert FINAL PRINTESSIS Awards Advertisement

Veris advertised in the attendee brochure at the Excellence in Surveying and Spatial Information Services Awards in 2017. I wrote and designed this ad.


One Page AdOne Page Advertisement

Created for Radiology Magazine, this full page advertisement uses an eye catching x-ray image to encourage reading of the copy. The advert was designed to tie-in with the corporate slogan ‘Giving You The Complete Picture’.


Radiology Magazine Promotion25th Anniversary Advertisement

For Kestral’s 25th anniversary, a promotional advertisement was run in Radiology Magazine. Using an archival photograph of CEO Kevin Moynihan, I created an advertisement to help demonstrate how long Kestral had been running a successful business.


Pain Relief BoxPain Relief Promotion

As a memorable promotion for a conference, I had these ‘paracetamol packet’ style boxes produced and filled with mints. The packet contains copy about the new scheduling features of Karisma and how they can save users from the usual ‘headaches’.



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